Flavours of China

Every weekend, My boyfriend, Fritz and I go to a different restaurant we have never eaten at before. The place we chose was “Flavours of China”.

He chose this place because he wants to try the “Yang Chow all you can” they serve for forty five pesos. It can be with your main dish or with the Chinese Lauriat.

We ordered it with two main dishes — The Pork Glazed with Honey with Walnuts, and, Mixed Seafood Curry. Look at how yummy they look!

Before the main dishes are served, they give you prawn crackers. hehe

We waited about twenty minutes before the food were served. (that is so long for a waiting time). Our stomachs were complaining already! Haha!

The food all tasted good. We do not like how small the serving the Mixed Seafood Curry is, though. Fritz said we will no longer order seafood next time. The value of money is ok. About two hundred per dish, but it is good for two persons.

My Rating: 3/5

Fritz’ Rating: 2.5/5

‘Til our next chow!


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