Tea Farm Milk Tea

Hi there!

It had been months since I updated this food blog, and I have a lot to review!

I want to share my thoughts about Milk Teas.

I really wasn’t a fan of drinking teas. I don’t like the bland taste most of all.

It was just recently that I became a fan. First, because I have learned of the health benefits of drinking teas, and also, because my sister, Dre, had me taste milk teas, and I became addicted since then!

One of the best brands of milk teas is from Tea Farm. They are located inside the KPMG Building (Ayala Ave.) ground floor, just few steps away from the visitor entrance.

I usually buy before I work at night, or if I go home late in the morning. My top two flavors are the Wintermelon Milk tea, and the Tea Farm Milk Tea.

I would recommend this brand to anyone, because it tastes good! For the price of a 85php, it will be worth the penny! They only offer a standard large size though. You can choose to have add-ons for only 15php.

Here’s how it looks like:


Thanks for reading!


Cafe Con Leche

I am a coffee-lover since my work really requires me to stay awake during midnights.

One time, my colleague gave me this coffee “Cafe con Leche” from Pan De Manila.

It really tasted good. I had her buy me a whole box! Tihee! 🙂